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Continuing our work in addressing the needs of BIPOC communities with CVS Health Foundation-backed microgrants

Mental Health America (MHA) is devoted to equity for all and continues to expand access to and increase mental health literacy in communities that historically have experienced barriers in obtaining the support they deserve when and how they need it most. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities have unique experiences and perspectives that necessitate culturally responsive mental health care and education. To further address the needs of and engage with BIPOC communities, MHA regularly creates mental health awareness initiatives aimed at highlighting and responding to the needs of these communities.

Through the generous support of the CVS Health Foundation, MHA is pleased to continue our work in addressing the needs of BIPOC communities by distributing ten microgrants to select MHA affiliates to support the mental health of individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in their respective regions.

Each recipient of this microgrant will utilize the funds to provide mental health support to BIPOC communities in their area through one or more of the following ways: promoting mental health screenings, providing culturally responsive education, or increasing community outreach and engagement.

MHA is pleased to announce the following affiliate organizations as the 2022 BIPOC microgrant recipients:

  • FARRR Foundation dba The Lighthouse Community Health Services: The Lighthouse will conduct outreach to BIPOC individuals without consistent access to health care by expanding access to, and utilization of, primary care and behavioral health care services.
  • Mental Health America of Dubuque County (MHA DBQ): MHA DBQ will translate educational materials into Marshallese and conduct outreach to Marshallese and Pacific Islander communities to increase mental health awareness and reduce stigma.
  • Mental Health America of Utah: MHA of Utah will host a “Community Conversation” event to engage with and understand needs and challenges of BIPOC in their community, while increasing mental health awareness through the distribution of BIPOC-focused educational resources.
  • Mental Health Association in Delaware: MHA in Delaware will conduct a peer-led BIPOC Wellness Group and host BIPOC presenters for their “Empowering Community Wellness” symposium.
  • Mental Health Association of East Tennessee: MHA of East Tennessee will provide linguistically and culturally responsive education for BIPOC communities via newly created materials, translation, videos, and a social media campaign.
  • Mental Health Association of Erie County dba Mental Health Advocates of Western New York (MHAWNY): MHAWNY will host a poetry slam and open mic event focused on the intersection of mental health and creativity, offering a safe space for individuals to come and talk about their mental health and receive resources or take a screen.
  • Mental Health Association of Monmouth County: MHA of Monmouth Country will host a health and wellness event to promote screenings and information on mental health education, parenting, business, and health care.
  • Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHASF): MHASF will host a “Real Talk” online event to highlight the mental health needs of BIPOC communities and provide access to resources such as support groups and the California Peer Run Warmline.
  • Mental Health Awareness of Michiana (MHAM): MHAM will host a “Mental Health Summit” highlighting culturally responsive supports for BIPOC communities, mental health screenings, and other educational resources in English and Spanish.
  • Rahma Worldwide – Mental Health America in Southeastern Michigan: Rahma Worldwide will provide support to Arab communities by translating and adapting mental health education materials and conducting various workshops on health and wellness.

For more information on how to support the mental health needs of BIPOC communities, download the BIPOC Mental Health Month toolkit at

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