Brain-Dead Youth’s Heart Transported from Vellore to Chennai for Transplantation

CMC Vellore officials told IANS that a construction worker, R. Dinakaran, aged 21, from Tiruppatur town met with a road accident on April 29 while he was driving a two-wheeler. He was then admitted to the hospital and treatments were given.

However, he was declared brain dead on May 1 (Sunday).

His family gave consent for the transplant of his organs including his eyes, kidneys, liver, and heart, as per the Indian Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994.

A team of doctors from Apollo Hospital arrived at the Vellore Hospital and transported the organ by 3 p.m.

His kidneys, liver, and eyes (cornea) were used for transplantation at CMC Vellore itself.

Source: IANS

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