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As (Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam) moves closer to clinical approval, what is the likelihood that the drug will be approved?

(Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam) is under clinical development by Entasis Therapeutics Holdings and currently in the Phase III and Pre-Registration in clinical pathway. The characteristics of the clinical trial as well as other attributes related to the drug, regulations, and company play a fundamental role in ensuring the likelihood of transition that the drug moves from its current development stage to next.

According to GlobalData, the latest event to affect (Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam)’s likelihood of approval (LoA) and phase transition for Bacteremia took place on 22 Oct 2021, which increased the likelihood that the drug progresses to the next phase in its clinical pathway and increased the likelihood of final approval for this indication.

In addition, the same event on 22 Oct 2021 increased (Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam)’s LoA and PTSR for Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP), increased LoA and PTSR for Pyelonephritis, increased LoA and PTSR for Urinary Tract Infections, and increased LoA and PTSR for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

GlobalData uses proprietary data and analytics to provide a complete picture of this assessment in their (Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam) Likelihood of Approval (LoA) and Phase Transition Success Rate (PTSR) Report.

(Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam) overview

A fixed-dose combination of durlobactam sodium (ETX2514) and sulbactam is under development for the treatment of urinary tract infections, including acute pyelonephritis, hospital acquired bacterial pneumonia/ventilator acquired bacterial pnuemonia, multi drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii infections and Burkholderia pseudomallei infections (Melioidosis). It is administered through intravenous route as a powder for solution. The drug candidate acts by targeting beta-lactamase. ETX-2514 has the activity against classes A, C and D beta-lactamases.

Entasis Therapeutics Holdings overview

Entasis Therapeutics Holdings (Entasis) is a drug development company. It discovers and develops anti-infective therapies for drug-resistant bacterial infections. The company’s pipeline products include ETX2514, ETX0282, ETX0462 and Zoliflodacin. Its ETX2514 product is a potent inhibitor of class A, C, and D beta-lactamases intended to treat serious gram-negative infections. The company’s pipeline products are used to treat multidrug-resistant gram-negative infections such as pseudomonas aeruginosa, acinetobacter baumanii, carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, and neisseria gonorrhoeae, among others. It also develops robust clinical and pre-clinical pipeline of medicines. Entasis is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, the US.

Quick View (Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam) LOA Data

Report Segments
Drug Name
  • (Durlobactam sodium + sulbactam)
Administration Pathway
Therapeutic Areas
  • Genito Urinary System And Sex Hormones
  • Infectious Disease
Key Developers
Highest Development Stage

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